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Legend says on a full moon there might be non-fanart art, but no one really knows ...

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hop-stotch replied to your post: Got home safely but might have bronchi…

I’m glad to hear you made it back safely! But ahh that sucks that you’re still ill :( Be sure to get lots of rest and water! Get well soon <3

meinctutw replied to your post: Got home safely but might have bronchi…

Get well soon D: I’m glad you’re back <33

Thanks you guysssss ;w;
I’ll most likely be going to the doc today ugh-..
It’s going better but I still woke up to a cough attack sheesh

Got home safely but might have bronchitis (the coughing doesn’t stop and only got a little better)

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I woke up at 2 am after countless nightmares and couldn’t sleep since then
Right now I’m literally like a potato sack lying in bed and I still can’t sleep, nor have i the energy to even get up (also i still have to cough frequently)

On a sidenote, you guys suggestions are really cuteeeeeeee

Ideas for South Park Sketchs/AUs Baker!AU/Chef!AU, Attack on Titan!AU, Personality Trade, Mermaids/Merman!AU, Angels & Demons!AU, Detective!AU, Criminals!AU, Jail Break!AU, Space Pirate!AU, Scientist!AU I can’t think of more, but uh (CRAIGxSTAN).

hOLLY FRICK DEAR that’s a lot *w*
Ah but leave some stuff as a message ok (because I’m 1000% sure I’ll forget about your reply here…

+ Sketch suggestions??? Bring it!

Update update! I’m still in Namibia and totally forgot to mention that I (really REALLY fricking badly) sprained my ankle - but it’s going better now! Except that I think I feel a cold coming… (been coughing quite a lot today)

Anyway I’ll be heading home on the 25th, arriving on 26th and thought I’d ask if you have any suggestions/requests until then! (I might post them when I’m home or so)

Preferably South Park and AU stuff (can also be new AU’s!! I’m a real lover for AU’s if you couldn’t tell). I’m gonna tell you though, I’ll take suggestions - doesn’t mean I will draw everything. However don’t hesitate to ask! Anon is on if you’re shy!

Working on the greaser auuuuuu <3 I didn’t have time to work more on it so now I’m finally (trying to) finish the outfits <3

That said I’d actually love to answer some questions if you’ve got any *w* (to the AU I mean.. or any other AU that is!)


Narnia; that’s where they come from, xD


USA ;v;


Oh dear here I am laughing because I didn’t expect this haha
I didn’t even think about how this question could be taken seriously (because it was meant rhetorically because I got quite a bunch of new followers and I don’t understand why???? srsly why do I have so many new???)

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Where are all you followers coming from????? ;w;

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